In Home Physiotherapy in Aurora, Ontario

Providing In Home Physiotherapy to Clients in Aurora

The city of Aurora has been home to many of our clients over the years. Providing physiotherapy in people’s home allows people to spend more time with their family and friends. Instead of having to commute to and from a physiotherapy clinic, in home physiotherapy give peoples the added benefit of time saving by having a physio come to your door. Not only are we able to come to your home, we can use the community to achieve your goals. 

We are able to service many clients in the surrounding cities and towns including Newmarket, Markham, Sutton, Richmond Hill, Bolton, Pickering, Bradford, Tottenham, Caledon and many more.

We Offer Many Different Services to the Aurora Community

Our aim to get our clients back to doing the things they love to do, and with in home physiotherapy we have a lot of flexibility in the process of achieving your goals. Of course we are able to come to your home and utilize the furniture and equipment within your home. We are able to send Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Personal Trainers and many more people to your home to ensure a fully recovery. As well we are able to use the community which includes gyms, parks, pools and local businesses to create an engaging rehabilitation. To view all our services click here.

Facilities We Have Worked With In Orillia

We have great relationships with many of the community centres around Southern Ontario. Within Aurora, we have worked with the local YMCA to provide treatment to clients within the community centre. Within this community centre we are able to utlize all of their amenitites to provide a variety of different treatements to clients. For example, the pool is a create place for hydro therapy.

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