On this podcast we chat about fall prevention. Falls are a major issue in senior communities and it leads to many injuries. Every single person has the ability to decrease the risk falling. This is done by taking small steps to improving your home and your physical health. We cover all of these topics on today’s podcast. We hope you enjoy.

Topics We Cover on the Podcast

  1. 1:20 – Introductions and facts about falls.
  2. 2:22 – Why falls occur or what would cause a fall for seniors?
  3. 4:11 – If someone does fall, what are the possible injuries or outcomes of a fall?
  4. 5:14 – Why is breaking a hip for seniors a big problem?
  5. 7:23 – How can people prevent falls in their home? Specifically about changing things in their home to make it safer to move around.
  6. 9:25 – Specifically in the bathroom, is there anything that could make the bathtub safe for people?
  7. 11:34 – Why are stairs a big issue for people and why do they cause falls?
  8. 12:17 – How can people improve their strength or balance to prevent falls? What are the physical limitations that increase the chance of falling?
  9. 14:01 – What are some exercises people can do to reduce the chance of falling?
  10. 16:03 – What are the steps to reduce the risk of falling from shuffling?
  11. 18:00 – What are the best walking aids for people at risk of falling?
  12. 20:12 – How can physiotherapy help an individual from falling?
  13. 21:38 – How does range affect one persons ability to stay safe and avoid falls?

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