FREE E-Book: The Complete Guide to Knee Replacement Recover

About The Knee Replacement Recovery E-Book

The purpose of this book is to enlighten you on knee replacements, (arthroplasty), the surgery and the road back. Let it be your guide on your road to recovery. If you are scheduled for surgery, contemplating having the surgery or have recently undergone surgery, then this book is for you. Make sure to get your FREE Knee Replacement Recovery E-book below.

Topics covered in the Knee Replacement Recovery E-Book:

  • The main cause of knee pain
  • Knee replacement surgery explained
  • Knee replacement facts
  • Knee revisions
  • Preparing your home for post surgery
  • What to expect at the hospital stay
  • Medication
  • Benefits of physiotherapy after a knee surgery
  • Home Physiotherapy
  • The rehab process
  • Resuming activities after surgery



About the author

Sybille Bergin

Sybille Bergin PT is a certified physiotherapist and one of the owners of First Class Rehab. Sybille has been providing in-home physiotherapy for over 30 years. She specializes in the treatment of acquired brain injuries, stroke recovery, as well as other related ailments.

Sybille is a certified NDT practitioner. Neuro Development Therapy is a specialized hands-on treatment technique, that promotes mobility, balance, core strength, enhancement of gross motor skills in an active, fun and dynamic way.

Sybille leads a team of dedicated professionals providing first class therapy to clients in the greater Simcoe County Region.

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