On this episode of the podcast we talk about physiotherapy for Alzheimer’s patients. We have structured this podcast as a case study where Sybille walks through a specific example of working with a patient who has Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a serious disease which causes memory loss and negatively affects many cognitive abilities. To learn more about Alzheimer’s follow the link here to read more from the Alzheimer’s Association.

Often Alzheimer’s is associated with mental decline but it serious effects people physical abilities. Sybille walks through an example in the podcast in which the patient is unable to get up after falling because they simply do not remember the steps needed to get back on their feet. This one example shows why physiotherapy is so important to those who are affected by Alzheimer’s.

Services like physiotherapy, personal support works, kinesiology, and many others are great for people who have Alzheimer’s. To view a full list of services we offer you can follow the link here.

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