The Definitive Guide To Stroke Recovery

An easy to read, highly informative look at the root causes of stroke. Discover what happens after a stroke, how to avoid another stroke, and a detailed description of the recovery process.


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About The Author

Sybille Bergin PT is a certified physiotherapist and one of the owners of First Class Rehab. Sybille has been providing in-home physiotherapy for over 30 years. She specializes in the treatment of acquired brain injuries, stroke recovery, as well as other related ailments.

Sybille is a certified NDT practitioner. Neuro Development Therapy is a specialized hands-on treatment technique, that promotes mobility, balance, core strength, enhancement of gross motor skills in an active, fun and dynamic way.

Sybille leads a team of dedicated professionals providing first class therapy to clients in the greater Simcoe County Region.

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